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Fun Zone Small Parties

Step 1: Party Basics

  • Guest Count
    Keep in mind that it's hard to say no to a Fun Zone party - typically 80-90% of invited guests show up! And, it might not just be the people you initially invited. Are friends, siblings, cousins coming too? 

  • Date/Time
    School breaks are a popular party time - book early to secure all the rides and games on your wish list. Family events are most commonly held on weekends around lunchtime or early-mid afternoon.

  • Location
    Are you renting a park or lot for your party or hosting it in your backyard? Make sure you get the measurements of your space prior to booking rentals. Our party planners will help you find the right selections to fit your location.

Step 2: Rentals

  • Fun Zone OKC Inflatables, Rides and Party Rentals Activities
    Fun Zone has a wide array of rides, inflatables, and carnival games available for your next small party, including sports, craft-making, and even karaoke! When choosing an activity - consider the length of your party and the age group attending.

  • Entertainment
    If you're looking for some extra entertainment for your party, no problem! We have a preferred list of clowns, balloon artists, face painters, jugglers, ventriloquists, fortune tellers and more. Ask our planners about your options.

  • Prizes
    Don't limit your party to the typical goodie bag. We can supply exciting prizes for your games that people want to win - new technology, money, gift cards and certificates, or the latest toys!

Step 3: Add Ons

  • Catering
    Leave it all to us. Whether your party calls for the American classic of hot dogs and hamburgers or you're looking to spice things up - we've got the right caterer for you. 

  • Classic Food Machines and Stands
    What party is complete without a cotton candy machine? Or maybe you prefer popcorn, ice cream or sno cones. We can provide the equipment and the servers with this fun party addition.

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